Our Vision

To sustainably increase the shareholder ratio

Our goal is to provide investors with all the services they need in order to be successful on the stock market in the long term. This includes analyses, know-how and online courses, just to mention a few. Because there is still so much potential for innovation, we are already planning many more features.


At Leoono we create innovative software solutions with our users.

Where the name "Leoono" comes from

Leoono is characterized by a unique story. We, the 3 founders Amil, Leon & Martino met at university in Liechtenstein and decided to publish stock analyses in our own magazine. From that moment, Journal Invest GmbH was born.


The stock analyses were meticulously researched and brought a recognizable added value to the readers because the hit rate was amazingly high. Feedback from readers showed that the entire investment process could be designed in a much more efficient and customer-oriented way.


In March and April 2020, we therefore conducted an in-depth study and surveyed 25,000 people (18-40Y) in the D-A-CH-LI region and drafted a white paper on the future of asset management. Banks and other institutional investors from Liechtenstein and Switzerland soon became aware of us from this point on.

Unfortunately, after this success, a stroke of fate struck us and the founder Leon Bachner died in a tragic climbing accident. From this point on we, Martino and Amil, were faced with the challenge of continuing the start-up on our own. In remembrance of Leon, we changed the name of the company from Journal Invest to Leoono.


In the summer of 2020, we built a team of over 15 people. Together we convinced investors of our idea, launched the e-learning area in the form of an academy and convinced the first users of our product.


We plan to offer many more services in the coming weeks and months - some of which will first require approval from regulatory authorities before we can offer them.


If you have a great idea how we can encourage especially young people to learn about their finances and the stock market, don’t hesitate to contact to us! 


The Team


Amil's life path has been shaped by the stock market and he discovered his passion for the stock market in early childhood. He studied business informatics, business administration & law at several renowned universities and is also active as an investor and VC. Currently, he is completing the CFA on the side and advises several companies in Data Science, Digital Services and Financial Services. Leoono was started by Amil and made what it is today.

Amil Karner

CEO & Co-Founder

Fabian studied law at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), works as a lawyer and public notary and is also a lecturer in private law at the HSG. Fabian's expertise lies especially in the area of contract and corporate law. Fabian is also an IT enthusiast and interested in innovations in the tech sector.

Dr. iur HSG Fabian Mörtl

Legal Counsel

Prof Dr. Leo Brecht is Professor at the University of Liechtenstein, Co-Founder and Board Member of ALPORA AG and Board Member of NETCULATOR. Leo supports us in our strategic alignment as well as in fundraising. Furthermore, he leads several research projects of Leoono in cooperation with the University of Liechtenstein.

Prof. Dr. Leo Brecht

Strategische Ausrichtung

Mit seiner kompetenten Art und Weise unterstützt uns Markus in allen treuhänderischen Angelegenheiten. Er ist Inhaber der RT AG und in diversen Verwaltungsratspositionen exekutiv tätig. Er verantwortet unsere gesamte Buchhaltung, das Reporting und Controlling. Markus stellt sicher, dass wir gegenüber allen Behörden und Revisionsstellen unsere Aufflagen erfüllen.

Markus Stieger

Trustee & Audit


Fabian's interest in economics and finance was sparked by his teacher at the commercial academy. He was by no means a favorite of the teachers at school, but the lessons, especially business studies, have fascinated and shaped him ever since. Fabian is now studying economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. Fabian and our CEO Amil have known each other for over 10 years now and are very good friends. The two already decided in 2018 that they wanted to manage future projects together. Therefore, Fabian is responsible for the development of our e-learning area since July 2020.

Fabian J. Roth

Head of Content

His childhood was marked by pen and paper. So he invested a lot of his time in different art forms until today. By chance and via Instagramstory he came across our project, created the lion as Leoono's logo on the second day of work and has been making all course videos, drawings and designs, such as on our Instagram account, ever since.

Jonas R. Bachmann

Head of Graphicarts & Animation

Michael has been with Leoono from the beginning and has witnessed its first hours. Together with Jan, he built the entire platform within a few weeks and has a work ethic that is exceptional. Michael has proven that he is already one of the best developers and also has an Entrepreneurial Mindset. In addition to his work at Leoono, Michael has founded his own start up "Limifyze". With Limifyze he has developed a fully automated bartender together with a school friend. The special thing - the whole development was done by Michael himself. Have a look at Michael start up at and support our best developer!

Michael Bertel

Software Development

Fabrice Breuss

Head of Online Marketing

Tobias studies economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and is one of the best in his year at the university. He has been investing independently on the stock market for 3 years and has already been able to gather a lot of knowledge. Tobias is employed with us as an analyst and also creates the one or other know-how contribution.

Tobias Neubauer

Analyst & Content Creator

Elen has been studying business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration for a year. In addition to his general PC affinity, he also has a talent for research. This makes him the ideal candidate for our content team.

Elen Karic

Content Creator

Armin takes on simple tasks in the social media area. Among other things, he performs tasks on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube.

Armin Karner

Intern Social Media

3 reasons

why you should work with us


We have a special expertise in transforming financial services through the latest technologies in the interest of our customers.


Become part of a disruptive and rapidly growing fintech startup from Liechtenstein with the best team.


Our users love our solutions. We work intensively with our customers to create the best user experience.

Leoono Founder

My passion are the financial markets. For as long as I can remember, I have been intensively involved in the stock market. 

Because I have experienced first-hand what is possible on the stock exchange in the long term and also in the short term, I have set the goal of sustainably increasing the number of shareholders. We at Leoono create easy and understandable access to the stock exchange for young people.


-  Amil Karner, Founder

Leoono is located in Liechtenstein, the heart of Europe, and is active throughout Europe

Our services are available in the whole D-A-CH-LI area. If you are interested in a cooperation with us or in our services just contact us! Together we will find out how you can benefit from our services.