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How do you benefit from DataScouts:

Increase Your Profitability

Filter targeted insights through thousands of groups and see which coin is trending before anyone else does.

Little Time Required

You hardly need to invest any time. Within a few minutes you can see what's happening in all Telegram and Discord groups and start taking advantage immediately.

Absolutely Unique

We are the only platform, which analyzes and evaluates over 3500 crypto groups. Every day we increase our reach to collect even more data. Recently we also integrate Discord data, providing the most powerful analysis tool in the crypto market.

You need to stop ...

Access powerful crypto features :

Crypto Coin Monitoring:

See which crypto projects are hot right now before they go public. To do this, we analyse over 500.000 messages a day from over 3500 Telegram and Discord groups to gather valuable metrics that will lead to an increase in your portfolio.

All In One Dashboard:

Save even more time, by listening to all crypto conversations at once on your dashboard. You can click on the live feed, join your ideal group, and jump straight into your favourite crypto discussion.

All In One Dashboard:

Save even more time, by listening to all crypto conversations at once on your dashboard. You can click on the live feed, join your ideal group, and jump straight into your favourite crypto discussion.

Deep User Data Insights:

There are a lot of people who know the crypto world very well. How great would it be to know which coins they currently favor with their particular audience? Whether in rising or falling prices, you will never again stand there aimlessly and sell in frustration. Instead, you'll see every post and be one of the first to react to it in the market. It's your time to start earning like the big boys.

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Erik Grabher
Erik Grabher
Sales Engeneer at Siemens
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“Great respect to the guys behind datascouts. I’ve had the chance to talk to them personally & it’s just crazy what they have launched. They have even more planned for the future which is stunning. I joined the free trial to give it a try and never wanted to quit since then. Absolute recommendable if you want to catch on phenomenal profits.”
Marco Boch
Marco Boch
Student at University of Vienna
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“I am really glad to have become aware of DataScouts. I was already able to generate fantastic returns and realize the profit. Now I can invest with more commitment and go with the trend and not against it.”
Rene Jauk
Rene Jauk
CEO of Baupowergroup
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"Since I travel a lot, it was very important for me to find a trusted partner in the crypto space. With DataScouts, I can fill this gap and manage my time more efficiently."
Natascha Bachner
Natascha Bachner
Managing Director
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"Short and sweet: The overview is really great! I like to check DataScouts more often during the week to find new investment approaches. Already helped me & my portfolio a lot!"

Like you, we were frustrated by the massive amount of time and knowledge it takes to find successful crypto projects.

Our goal was clear:

  • No one should feel uncertain or terrified with their investments

  • Everyone should have a chance to find profitable crypto projects without being an expert

  • Everyone should have the opportunity to make serious profits and feel confident in the crypto-market
  • Therefore we build:


    DataScouts enables you to:

  • Save a lot of money by stopping you investing into bad projects

  • Always beeing able to hop on early trends, instead of watching from the sideline

  • Finaly become highly profitable without having to be an expert

  • and so much more...

    You can try DataScouts and trust us ... you will be shocked about what metrics and information you will get - promise.

    - The DataScouts-Team
  • Core Team

    Amil Karner

    Co-Founder of DataScouts

    Amil is the founder of several companies. He studied business informatics and finance, worked for PwC and Siemens and invests in crypto and stocks himself. He is the founder & CEO of the fintech Leoono.

    Andrin Renz

    Co-Founder of DataScouts

    Andrin was one of the first employees at Bitcoin Suisse, the biggest crypto broker in Switzerland, and has an extraordinary life story. He is a blockchain expert and also founder of a blockchain startup.

    Prof. Dr. Leo Brecht

    Advisor & Investor

    Prof. Dr. Leo Brecht is the founder of the Alpora Fund in Switzerland and manages more than $600M USD. He focuses on data analysis and innovation research and helps us make the best out of the data we collect.

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    Frequently Asked Questions :

    We collect data and information from more than 3500 Telegram and Discord groups who discuss the latest crypto news and are constantly hunting for the best opportunities on the market. We are also increasing our analytics data every day to be able to share an ever more accurate and valuable set of metrics.

    Our trends are in real time and represent the latest status on current topics. As soon as a new trend emerges or certain coins are on the horizon, you will be the first to know about it.

    No. Also, there are no hidden costs and you can cancel the subscription at any time without giving any reason.

    You still have questions?

    Then feel free to email us at info@datascouts.com ,
    we look forward to hearing from you!


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