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Questions from our users:

Is there also an app for Leoono?

Our app is currently in development and will be available in the App Store and the Google Play Store in summer 2021.

What do I get from a subscription with Leoono?

A subscription to Leoono starts your journey into the world of finance. For inexperienced users, we have numerous video courses and articles that make it easier and more understandable to get started in the stock market. For our more experienced users, there are weekly, specially created and scientifically based analyses of the most interesting securities on the market. In the community area, users can exchange information with each other, post their own analyses or read the latest news from the financial market.

My question was unfortunately not answered here, where can I get in touch?

Feel free to send us an email to and ask us your question or send us suggestions for improvements. We are looking forward to your mail!

Why does the subscription only cost €9.99 a month?

Our goal is to inspire young people to invest in the stock market. We want to show the younger generation why they in particular should start thinking about their financial future at an early age. We have set the price of €9.99 so low because... young people don't always have the money for expensive subscriptions. We think that €9.99 per month is a reasonable price for our service and that a large part of our target group can afford it. we think the prices of some competitors are absurd. Some platforms charge 100€ per month for similar services. We want you to be able to increase your money. If we would charge that much money as well, it would not be in line with our mission.

When do I have to pay to access Leoono?

The first month on our platform is FREE! After that, access costs €9.99 per month. If you decide to sign up for an annual subscription, you can save 20% and pay only €7,99 per month.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Although we would be sorry to see you go, you can cancel your subscription at any time. After your cancellation, your subscription will continue for the rest of the paid period and will automatically be terminated.

I have never dealt with the stock market, am I in the right place?

Yes, you are! We will show you from scratch what the stock market is all about, what stocks are and how to best proceed so as not to make any mistakes. For newcomers we recommend our beginner course. In this course we cover topics like: - Basic concepts of the financial world - What influences the share price? - Psychological traps for investors - Risk and investment strategies and much more. After that you are prepared and can sniff through our platform.

Who writes the analyses?

We have hired analysts from various universities to cover a wide range of knowledge. Among them are graduates from IE Business School Madrid, UCL, LSE & HSG. They monitor what is happening on the stock market on a daily basis, filter out interesting topics and make them available to you. Together, all our analysts have over 100 years of experience in stock market trading and fundamental analysis of companies.